Bellami Certified Extensionist and Professional Ambassador

Victoria is a Professional Ambassador with Bellami Hair, the most internationally recognized hair extension brand. She was contracted personally by Bellami after they recognized the quality of her work, a very exciting and humbling recognition!

So why Bellami Hair Extensions? I could just say because they’re the best I have ever used, but I’ll go a little deeper than that. After doing hair extensions for close to 10 years, I have tried several brands and methods of hair extensions. I have seen a lot of great hair, and even more terrible hair. I have used many different methods and developed my skill in each over the years.

So where does Bellami fit in all this? I get so excited every time I get to describe and show off these extensions. I like to break it up into three different features of the hair extensions provided by Bellami: quality, density and longevity.

The quality is easily the best I have ever felt. The hair comes out of the package so soft and silky, and it stays that way! Often, hair feels great when you first take it out of the package but shortly after installation and a few washes and styling, it becomes rough and tangly and just gross. So you find yourself having spent hundreds of dollars on hair that is now unmanageable and unwearable. Not with Bellami. It stays soft and silky and never tangles, just like when it comes out of the package. I’ll address this further when I talk about the longevity. Across the board this is the highest quality hair I have used which is so important to me because my priority is to provide my clients with nothing short of the best.

Density. This is a big selling point for me personally. Density is important when it comes to cost efficiency, which is a concern for me just as much for my clients. Like I said, I have used other brands before that were great quality but you have to purchase a larger quantity because the hair is less dense and therefore will look thin and not blend with the clients hair.  Bellami hair is unquestionably the hair with the highest density. To clarify, by density I am referring to the amount of hair on the individual extension piece, whether it be tape-ins, micros, or wefts. Because of this, less attachments to the clients own hair are required, making it more lightweight and comfortable.  Another aspect of density is even density from top to bottom. Many brands may be full towards the top but towards the bottom of the hair it becomes more sparse and see through. Bellami hair extensions are the same density from top to bottom, solid and never see through.

Longevity is also important to cost efficiency of hair extensions. Most fair quality extensions will last 3-6 months before it needs to be replaced. With proper care and maintenance, which I thoroughly explain to my clients, Bellami hair will easily last 6-12 months, while still staying soft and silky and untangled, before it needs to be replaced. Almost all of my clients get a full year out of their hair, unless they want a drastic change in color which requires new hair. The hair can be washed, dried, and styled with ease.

These features of Bellami Hair Extensions are the reason I get so excited when I get to put my swatch ring in a clients hand. I will accept nothing less than the best for my clients and with Bellami Hair I am confident that this is what I am providing them.

Which extensions method is right for you? And are you a candidate for extensions? Come in for a consultation so we can go over all the options and start your journey to the hair of your dreams!

To book a consultation call or text Victoria at 916.798.4258

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